Kia has been experiencing a great year as far as awards are concerned.  The car manufacturing company is turning award collection into a hobby, which is no small feat.  The most recent awards received by Kia were from the internationally recognized Automotive Brand Contest 2012.

How doe Kia do it?  By constantly being innovative with their designs.  The first award went to the Kia GT Concept.  Even though the GT concept is not currently available in North America, the design blends muscle with sophistication.  The GT Concept, which was unveiled in 2011, earned the first position in the contest's concept model category for its design.

Next in line to win an award is the new Kia Cee'd.  In fact, this European model swept up two awards for its interior and exterior design.  The interior boasts an ergonomically placed control panel.  The exterior's luxury design makes the Kia Cee'd a sure winner.  This model is not available in North America but check Taylor Kia's abundant  new Kia models.

Taylor Kia would be happy to show you our Kia lineup and help you find a model closely related to the award winning Kia Ce'ed.  Please stop by our dealership located at 6300 W Central Avenue, Toledo, OH 43615 and we will gladly discuss your needs.

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