When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tested the 2012 Kia Sportage and gave it a five-star safety rating, the Automobile Association of America (AAA), placed it on the "Top Cars for Teens" list.  Not only did the Sportage get this honor, but also the coveted "No-Tip" rollover designation that's only given to the top SUVs and Crossovers.

So as parents of teenagers, you should feel like the Kia Sportage will exceed your safety expectations while looking like a car your teenage son or daughter will want to drive.  So how can you convince your offspring that the Sportage is a great car to drive?  Since Kia is one of the fastest growing brands in the world, it's only normal that it would capture the attention of your teenager.  With seven body colors to choose from, a dashing front end and a low profile with adequate ground clearance, it's no wonder they will fall in love with it.

"We are honored that AAA, one of the most respected authorities on travel and transportation, is recognizing the Kia Sportage as a top car for teenage drivers," says Michael Sprague, executive vice president, marketing & communications, Kia Motors America (KMA). "Knowing that the Sportage, our longest-running nameplate, has been chosen not only for its attractive design that appeals to all ages, but more importantly, for its safety features, reliability and value, is evidence that consumers do not have to sacrifice curb appeal for dependability."1

So bring your teenage son or daughter in for a test drive at Taylor Kia and let them fall in love with the 2012 Kia SportageWe are located at 6300 W Central Avenue, Toledo, OH 43615 and would be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the right Sportage for them.

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