Available across the global landscape and marketed under multiple nameplates, the Kia Forte has snagged quite a bit of the automotive spotlight lately. That's largely because the auto is in the midst of a serious revamp and enthusiasts are getting quite excited for the 2014 model's official release early next year.

But before that day comes, Taylor Kia would like to take the chance to clear the air about the forthcoming auto for any who might be confused by its different titles and variants. First off, and admittedly most import to us here in Toledo, is the 2014 Kia Forte which will sell under this name in the United States and Canada. In addition, the model is marketed and sold as the Kia K3 in Korea as well as the Kia Cerato in Australia and Brazil.

Make sense now? Also, for those who don't know, the popular Kia vehicle comes in three different body styles: sedan, koup, and 5-door.

As far as 2014 model specs go, details have been released in waves since this summer with the latest coming from a series of 2014 K3 videos based out of Korea. So far we know that the auto will host new technology and attractive features such as a parking assist system, LED headlamps, and the automaker's next-gen UVO telematics. While powertrain specs are still unknown for the U.S.-based Forte, it looks as though the K3 gets a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol good for 138-hp and 123 lb-ft of torque. It also seems as though the new Forte has grown a bit in terms of length and width.

Eager to know more? Keep an eye on our new Kia vehicle blog and we'll be sure to send the latest details your way.


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